WALK Gallery Installation

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Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by Max Miller, the fantastic local painter and just extremely nice dude, about being a part of WALK Gallery. WALK is a new Charleston organization that puts art in empty storefronts along Charleston's main shopping street, King St. Their website describes it as "a win:win for all — visibility for local artists, increased visual appeal, interest on the street, and a means to enhance available space." Not a bad idea, huh?

So I was, and still am, beyond thrilled to have this opportunity! I could not have asked for a better space to work with. It's huge! Just how I like it! It will be up until mid-September... and if I'm lucky, perhaps a bit longer...?! So if you find yourself strolling along upper King, keep your eye out for this monster that lives in 501 King! It's not too hard to miss.

August 2009

wooden panels covered in lots of manipulated carpet padding... nearly 10,000 staples were used!
approximately 13 ft wide and 10 ft tall

(this photo was taken before it was entirely finished... I have since closed the central hole in some more... But I think I like it better like this...)