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A work in itself... and very much a work in progress. It's hard to write an artist's statement when you're in denial about being an artist. But it's been an extremely beneficial exercise. Makes me wish I was required to write about my work more often. Perhaps it's too playful, not serious enough... but I think it rightly represents how I feel about the things I make and about what art is to me, at least at this point in my life.

December 2009
I like amusement parks almost as much as I like to make things. The creative process is such a roller coaster. After experiencing all the ups and downs and twists and curves of all that goes into creating a finished piece, I often stumble off the so-called ‘ride’ slightly disoriented. Once I recover my equilibrium, I feel that childish urge to squeal, “let’s do it again!” And that’s exactly how I want others to feel after encountering my work. It’s about experience. I like to think that the things I create, especially my architectonic sculptures and installations, will cultivate a child-like enthusiasm in even the grouchiest of folks.

I am so impressed by, and will admit, my work is very much inspired by, children. They embody a sense of wonder and have a compulsive playfulness that is nowhere to be found among the bulk of grown people. At what point did we all become so uptight? Art, for me, is the force that yanks me from my comfortable routine, jerks me around, makes me nauseous, and yet keeps me begging for more. Thus the things I create are an invitation for you, if only for a moment, to loosen up, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.