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It's good to be back in Charleston, and perhaps even better to be back in the studio! I spent the first week of winter break, and will now spend the last week, putting together my most exciting, most ambitious piece yet (or so I like to think)! I am so terribly thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of Redux Contemporary Art Center's first show of the new year! 1x1 will feature works by the nine tenured faculty members of CofC's studio art department alongside with works by each professor's student of choice. I will be showing with my very cool sculpture professor, Herb Parker! Congratulations to all my talented colleagues...

Marshall Thomas
Matthew Bowers
Samantha Theall
Sarah Haynes
George Davis
Shelley Smith
Maddie Reyna
Liz Vaughn

With so many artists and so little space, we have each been given a 60" x 60" space in which to display one piece. Somehow, I've managed to bend these parameters... just slightly... ahem. So, yea, the piece I'm working on will be approximately 16' long, 5' wide, and 9' tall... but, of course, only 60" x 60" will protrude into walking space... the rest will remain above the viewer's head. I mean, "art is what you can get away with," right? Warhol wouldn't lie...

here's a little sneak peak... my maquette