coming sooner... (!!!)

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Last Friday was the big move... and it proved to be much easier than anticipated, thanks to all my great helpers. I had nightmares of it bending, ripping, getting caught in tree branches... but luckily not a thing went wrong! We met at 10AM in the sculpture studio on campus, picked the thing up, and walked it down St. Phillips Street several blocks to Redux. It felt like a parade or something... but without the crowds and goofy music.

in the studio... ready for the big move

on the move.... see our reflection?

We made it to Redux!!
(Pictured with Karen Meyers, Executive Director of Redux...)

And just shortly after 12PM, the piece was up and hanging in place above our heads. Kind of freaky how things just seem to work out sometimes...

Just one more week until opening night! Maybe I'll see you there....?