Situation Ossification

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I typically start with a shape, a form. Something nearly completely visual. Somewhere along the way the concept hits me... it's like "Ooooohhh, so that's what this piece is all about!" This time around it didn't hit me... I had to go hunt for it, chase after it, wrestle with it. Luckily I pinned it down just in time to get a title to Karen at Redux.

I'll try to spare you the long-winded attempt at an explanation....

os·si·fi·ca·tion (ŏs'ə-fĭ-kā'shən) n.
1. the natural process of bone formation
2. the process of becoming set in a rigidly conventional pattern, as of behavior, habits, or beliefs
3. rigid, unimaginative convention

To me, this piece deals with the issue of growing up. I'm not wanting to make a statement on the issue as much as I am an observation. So, the form is of a fluid nature. It's nothing in particular... but after seeing it up in the space, I liken it to several things often associated with childhood... tears, drool, a runny nose, you get the idea. Yet this substance (whatever it is) has been frozen. The steel armature gives it a certain stiffness, a rigidity, a pattern. It's been hardened... it's been ossified.

January 2010

steel, polypropylene landscaping fabric, light

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