Situation Destination

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While I was installing at the library, Becky Melancon, the sweet lady who organizes/coordinates the gallery space, snapped a few in-progress installation shots. Accompanying each photo is cute commentary, which is why rather than re-posting the photos here, I'd like to redirect you to the library's Saul Alexander Gallery Exibit, June 2010 flickr album... CLICK HERE to see more

For those curious as to how this piece came together...
  • first the steel armature was constructed as one unit
  • then I added seam lines and cut it apart into 12 pieces
  • rented a U-HAUL truck to get everything to the library
  • assembled parts using bailing wire... 2 at a time
  • covered outer part of structure with plastic cling wrap
  • using a spray adhesive, covered with pink fiberglass insulation (or "fluff" as I like to call it)
The day after I finished I had to go and patch a humongous hole... looked like someone had shoved their foot right through it. I've also patched several finger poked holes. As frustrating as it is (particularly because I will be gone for the remainder of the exhibition and unable to make any repairs) I can't help but feel glad that folks feel comfortable enough in the space to do as they please. I want it to be approachable and friendly. Not sterile and intimidating like most gallery environments. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that people behave and don't cause any more significant damage in the remaining 2 weeks of the piece's life!