installation day

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So, it finally happened. After much trouble shooting, we were finally able to get this thing into place. I hadn't realized that I'd created such a monster until it came time to move it. I found, on what I thought was installation day, that my sculpture was too heavy and wide to lift as is with the crane. No worries. That just meant I had to cut it into 2 parts, move them separately, and weld them back into place on-site. So after welding on the last few pieces on the very top (scary and fun), grinding a seam that could tastefully fit back together, and driving into Minneapolis and back to pick up a fancy gas-generated welder, you better believe I was ready for action!

Almost there!

We moved the big part first. Here is Artistic Director John Hock hooking her up for some heavy lifting.

And up we go! It lifted without any problems!

Lowering onto the trailer resulted in some bending and warping, but I didn't sweat, because it wasn't anything I couldn't fix on-site.

Just going for a walk to the far side of the park.

Lowering into place. Time for part 2.

By the time both pieces were on on-site the sun had started to set...

But of course that didn't stop me from welding it back together!