"Wake Up, It's Today!"

Added on by Jourdan.

This weekend I did an installation for Nick Jenkins' "Wake Up It's Today" calendar release party. After seeing some of my other work, Nick came to me and asked me to do something for the event. Our ideas combined were quite dynamic...

I'm excited about working with a new material (the cardboard was Nick's idea) in a way that I think fits in fairly well with the rest of my work. It's great because its easy to manipulate and well, it's free! Steve brought all these used boxes for me from work! I can't believe they get rid of so much cardboard every single day!

This is one of the quickest installations I've ever done. We showed up at the Tin Roof, where the event was held, at 2 PM and worked non-stop until the doors opened at 7:30. Steve was a humongous help! Not only did he procure all the cardboard for me, he was also my extra set of hands during installation.

I definitely recommend that you check out Nick's calendar on his website. And you can hear some of his music there as well! CLICK HERE to hear the live recording from the event last night of his compositional project, 'Thus, My Retort.' Super cool.... see below

they even had matching (cardboard) costumes!!!

These guys from Portland also played last night... HOSANNAS
Catch em live before their tour ends! Atlanta folks, watch out, they'll be at Wonder Root tomorrow!