finding a curator

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Every year the College of Charleston's Visual Art Club brings in an outside guest curator for Young Contemporaries, the college's annual student show at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. This year I have taken it upon myself to compile a group of interested candidates. I started with my friend Heather Hart, whom I met this summer at Franconia Sculpture Park. She is an accomplished artist working and living in NY and naturally has many ties to lots of NY artists, curators, writers, etc.
She was kind enough to compile a list of people she thought would be good candidates for the position. Once I gave her the go-ahead she sent them each a personal e-mail with the club's invitation for consideration attached. I immediately began hearing back from them, with lots of enthusiasm. I began to receive CVs and resumes as though I were an employer of a highly coveted position. It's kind of funny... these big shots in NYC sending me, a measly art student in Charleston, their impressive resumes. It's fun... I could get used to this.

So the Visual Arts Club (or the "review panel" as I've been calling us) meets tonight to pick the curator for the 2011 Young Contemporaries exhibition. Our choice will be made from among these interested candidates...

Petrushka Bazin
independent curator & artist
Trong Nguyen

senior east coast editor of ArtSlant & artist
Heather Hart
Katrina Newman-Scott
curator, art consultant, & producer
Marco Antonini
independent curator, gallery educator at the Guggenheim & lecturer at the MoMA
Camilo Alvarez
owner/director/curator/preparator of Samson Projects
Amy Mackie
curatorial associate at the New Museum
Larry Ossei-Mensa
self proclaimed "culturist"