visionary environments

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Santa brought my mom the Outsider Art Source Book. I'm typically not as into folk art as she is, but I found the book to be quite interesting, particularly the section on "visionary environments." Here are some of my favorites...

Adolphe Julien Foure
Les Rochers Sculptes, Rotheneuf
Saint-Malo, Brittany, France

Richard Greaves
Quebec, Canada

Karl Junker
Lemgo, Germany

John Milkovisch
The Beercan House
Houston, Texas

Leonard Knight
Salvation Mountain
Niland, California, USA

I only just now remembered that my professor/adviser Mark Sloan (director and curator of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art) has co-written a book on this very subject, entitled Self-Made Worlds: Visionary Folk Art Environments. Perhaps I should try to get my hands on a copy!