james castle

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Steve got this James Castle book for Christmas. It came with a documentary film which we watched a few days back. The Philadelphia Museum of Art organized a retrospective of his work in 2008. CLICK HERE to learn more about the exhibition.

This is another self-taught artist I've been looking at recently. Castle created drawings, assemblage and books throughout his lifetime. He was born profoundly deaf and it is not known to what extent he could read, write, or use sign language. His artworks were created almost exclusively with found materials such as papers salvaged from common packaging and mail, in addition to food containers of all types. I am particularly drawn to his more layered, almost 3D work, but enjoy his drawings as well. A few months ago I did an installation with recycled cardboard, which for some reason, has gotten me thinking more about a James Castle-like aesthetic in my own work, but only to an extent. (click here to see what I'm talking about)