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This semester I've taken on the title of "Gallery Coordinator" for the Visual Arts Club's Student-Run Gallery. It's a nice visible space that has lots of potential which has been seriously underutilized this past year. It is my hope that, as the coordinator of this space, I can help to raise the bar a bit by showcasing the work of talented students through cohesive, curated exhibitions.

For our first exhibition of the semester, local artist Tim Hussey selected a body of work from the submissions we received. He titled the show "You're Going, You've Been" and said about it...

"This group of work seems to illustrate the basic elements of the human/animal experience, including: love, friendship, sacrifice, self-reflection, memory, loss and death.

The show includes work from the following students...

Bradford Walters
Taylor Stephenson
Caroline Echols
Catherine Dawson
Zac Mallard

The VAC Student-Run Gallery is located in the lobby hallway of the Simon's Center for the Arts just off of St. Philip Street on the CofC campus