teaching classes at REDUX

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This Spring I'll be teaching some youth classes at Redux Contemporary Art Center. I'm very excited to work with kids in this capacity. See my class descriptions below... or CLICK HERE to see all the other classes offered up this spring!

Sculpture Basics: Teaching Technique with Edible Materials (recommended for ages 7-13)

Wednesdays, 4pm - 5:30pm March 2 - 23
Instructor: Lauren Moore
Member $90 / Non-Member $110

Each week students will learn about a different fundamental sculpture technique, but with a yummy twist! We’ll mold bread dough, carve melons, cast chocolate, and more! Looking at classic artists and their traditional methods, we’ll talk about the basic elements of sculpture and see how contemporary artists are pushing the envelope with nontraditional materials, like food! Bring your appetite for art! Materials included.

Sculpture Basics: Possibilities of Plaster in 3 Dimensions
(recommended for ages 7 – 13)

Wednesdays, 4pm - 5:30pm
March 30 - April 20
Instructor: Lauren Moore
Member $90 / Non-Member $110

This four-week class will be an exploration of all the sculptural possibilities of that messy white stuff known as plaster. We’ll learn to mix it, pour it, carve it, turn it colors, build with it, and more! Students will be encouraged to use their creativity to construct original 3D forms while learning all the fun things that plaster can do! Materials and snacks included.