tim hawkinson

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I totally freaked out the other day when I stumbled upon these images in my own computer files. Apparently I found them, loved them, saved them, and forgot about them, and am just now rediscovering them. While I was working on the sculpture in the image below, I kept thinking that I had seen something like it before... but I just couldn't put my finder on it. I kept thinking Philip Guston, but no, that wasn't quite it.

detail of Objectified

It was Tim Hawkinson! Whoa... I just love these drawings of his! When I think of him, I often think of the Art:21 about him, which mainly focuses on his Uberorgan, a massive plastic pipe organ installation that he did for the Whitney Biennial. Though he works with a vast variety of materials on varying scales, most of Hawkinson's work seems to grab me in this way. Whether he's making miniature toenail sculptures (seen below) or massive noise-making balloons, his work all seems to relate back to the body in some way, taking the ordinary to new and unexpected realms.