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The City Gallery at Waterfront Park is currently hosting local artist, Tim Hussey's first major solo exhibition, entitled "Drown Then Swim." The spacious 2-floor gallery is filled with Tim's paintings, most made in the past year or so, though there are some dating back to the onset of his fine art career in 2000. In the 1990's, after finishing his studies at RISD, Tim pursued a career as a highly sought after illustrator and art director in NYC for magazines like GQ and Business Week. But in 2000 he decided to make a break from his commercial career, move back down south (he grew up on Charleston), and begin working as a "fine" artist.

I could rattle on an on about Tim and how cool he is and how much I love his work, but it's all been said before. He's hot stuff right now. He's everywhere. The City Paper just featured him on the cover... read the article HERE.

Though Tim's work is unique and highly engaging, when looking at it, I can't help but think of several other artists. But in a good way. Tim often works on found grounds, like sheets of notebook paper and journal pages found at flea markets and such which reminds me a bit of James Castle. I've heard Tim talk about his love for folk art and its influence on his work.

I also can't help but think of Philip Guston when looking at some of Tim's more illustrative imagery. Some might say the resemblance is too close, but I'm all about some Guston... and I think what Tim is doing is quite different. Or at least different enough.

Tim Hussey on the left and Philip Guston on the right

Oh and by he way- Tim is also a talented photographer! He likes to take pictures as a hobby, he says. One day last year we got together and took some. This one was our favorite...

I encourage everyone in Charleston to check out "Drown Then Swim" in its last few days at the City Gallery. And if you're not local (and even if you are), try to get your hands on this documentary on him entitled Running by Sight. And DEFINITELY check out his website.

Tim Hussey, Running By Sight: A Visual Artist's Journey from Jewell&Ginnie on Vimeo.