sculpture/dance collaboration

Added on by Jourdan.
I'm currently working on a collaboration with Gretchen McLaine, a dance professor at the College of Charleston. The product of our collaboration will be a dance piece that has been choreographed around a sculptural set that I have designed, in response to her concepts for the dance, dealing with darkness and light, shadows, etc.. The structure seen above is one of several elements that make up my contribution. It is an object of sorts that the dancers will interact with in a variety of ways. They will climb on it, inside of it, through it, pick it up, move it, hang from it, jump on it, off of it, and more! I'm very excited to see the end product... so far I have a really good feeling about how it is all coming together. The sculptures, the movements, the costumes, the lighting, the music... it's all working quite nicely! See the video below (from yesterday's rehearsal) for a rough sneak peek.

The performance will be the 19th-21st of March... more info to come!