gabriel kuri

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I first encountered Gabriel Kuri's work in 2007 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The exhibition was a group show of contemporary Mexican artists. If I remember correctly, Trinity (shown below) was his only contribution. These hand-woven, floor-to-ceiling receipts had quite an appeal to me. The minimal aesthetic. The reference to the everyday. The irony between the manufactured and the hand-made.

 "Kuri has been described as a playful accountant who uses personal experience as a point of departure to explore the ways we quantify and chart the most basic events and transactions in our lives."
Boston ICA

To my knowledge, I haven't come across Kuri's work since that summer day in Chicago until... today! The first image popped up in my Daily Serving surfing, in discussion of his solo show that's currently up at the Boston ICA. I immediately recognized it. From further research I also quickly found that Gabriel Kuri has been commissioned to create the visual identity for the 2011 Armory Art Fair.

Images of the rest of his work are spotty and hard to come by on Google, but the giant hand-woven receipts seem to be his claim to fame.