sharing a brain with anish kapoor

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So, a little over a year ago I made this sculpture...

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And I just came across this image of Anish Kapoor in his studio with a work in progress...

WHAAAAT? Wow... I am really excited to see the finished product. I wonder if he'll build a real deal 'tower of blobel' all the way to the sky like I was hoping to do... hmmmm

It's so bizarre when this happens. Every now and then an artist will make something, get really excited about it, and then find out that somebody else has already done it. It's happened to me before, and it evokes an odd range of emotions... excitement, confusion, frustration, inspiration... all at once! But this isn't even a finished piece. I wonder when Anish conceptualized it. And when this image was taken.

I'm a huge fan of Anish Kapoor's work and was thinking a lot about it when I conceptualized my "Tower of Blobel." I was looking at some of his larger metal biomorphic forms, while I was in a foundry (metal casting) class last year. Perhaps I was tapping into the depths of his brain somehow. Weird.

You know what is also really freaky...? While I was typing this post, my roommate Sanaz commented on an earlier post, saying that one of my students' sculptures reminded her of my tower of blobel as well...  click HERE to see it