my homage to charleston

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As most of you know, this past spring I graduated from the College of Charleston with majors in Studio Art and Business Administration. Charleston has been VERY good to me for the past 4 years and has provided me with a number of fantastic opportunities that very likely would not have been possible elsewhere. Its small, youthful, and encouraging arts community has made it a great city in which to come of age, to discover a calling, and to grow as an aspiring artist. In just three weeks I will be relocating to the DC area to attend graduate school at the University of Maryland, College Park, but before I say goodbye to this lovely city, I'd like to recognize some of the artists and arts organizations that have been most influential to my development while I've been here.

CofC Studio Art Department
As a student, I've had the opportunity to work closely with some super cool, endlessly encouraging professors. Some of the most supportive and influential include...

encourager and motivator who knows how to do everything - always has a humble (and helpful) recommendation or two

non-stop sculptor and perserverant collaborator - will go to lengths for his students
click here to learn more about our collaborative project

studio manager and foundry extraordinaire - made me apply for an exhibition as punishment for leaving a mess

not your typical painting professor - an intellect and a source book for all things art
click here to see a blog post I wrote on one of Lily's shows


Local Arts Organizations
I've worked closely with the following organizations in a variety of ways...
known for its diverse exhibitions, subsidized studio space for artists, educational programming, and multidisciplinary approach to the dialogue between artists and audience - I have exhibited here as well as taught classes
click here to see previous blog posts about the classes I taught and the exhibition I was in

In addition to producing exhibitions, lectures, film series, publications, and a comprehensive (kick-ass) website, the Halsey serves as an extension of the undergraduate curricula at the College and as a cultural resource for the region - I have been a pseudo-intern, gallery attendant, helping hand, and research assistant here over the past 2 years - Director and curator, Mark Sloan, has served as my adviser and mentor this past year (he deserves a post all to his own)
click here to see images of my work in the Halsey

owned and operated by the city of Charleston - a venue for contemporary artwork that is new, vital and innovative, with a focus on broadening Charleston’s arts outlook - host of the annual Contemporary Charleston exhibition, in which my work was included this year
click here to see images of my work in Contemporary Charleston 2011:Under the Radar