so much to see

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In the few weeks I've been living in Maryland, I've made it into DC (a 20 min drive/metro ride) a few times for some minimal sightseeing and maximal art-seeing. There's so much to see/do in this city, and I'm just getting started! Some highlights include...

Artists in Dialogue 2: Sandile Zulu (right) & Henrique Oliveira (left)
This exhibition deserves a post all to itself. I couldn't be more thrilled to have seen this work. I have been a huge fan of Henrique Oliveira for quite some time and this was the first time I've had the chance to experience one of his incredible installations in person. WOW! Sandile Zulu's work is pretty crazy too (I was unfamiliar with him before this exhibition) and the two of them make for a very dynamic pairing. Bravo!

The Guerrilla Girls Talk Back

Washington Color and Light
I brought Steve to the Corcoran during his visit last weekend specifically to see this exhibition (because he would have loved it) but unfortunately it had come down the day after I saw it!! Bummer!

A. Balasubramaniam: Sk(in)
WHOA - I found this small body of work to be much more interesting/exciting than the 2 solo exhibitions of Kandinsky and Stella's work - also on view at the Phillips Collection.

Dinosaur Hall