vermont studio center

Added on by Jourdan.
I (and 60-ish other artists from all over the world) arrived yesterday at the Vermont Studio Center for a 4-week residency. I've spent today getting settled into my studio and learning my way around the sculpture shop. I'm hoping to do some metal fabrication while I'm here since my studio is just steps away from all the welding equipment. I didn't bring much of anything with me... a bag of brown animal hair, some balloons, lots of glue sticks and not much else. I'll probably end up ordering some materials... right now I've got latex rubber and animal intestines on the brain.

And believe it or not, I didn't bring this with me! I was starting to get the insulation itch when someone who works here jokingly offered it up (he recently pulled it out of his attic and was about to throw it away)... and I seriously took him up on it! I really am going to make an effort to try new materials while I'm here, but I just can't go cold turkey!!