we got written up!

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Just before I left for the summer, I dropped off a piece for the 31'st Annual Montpelier Invitation Sculpture Exhibition at Montpelier Arts Center. I've yet to see the show in person, but I've heard from others that all the work looks really great in the space. There's a nice little write up in the Baltimore Sun that you can read HERE.

This is what they had to say about my piece...
Materials that have been chopped up and recombined in new ways do amount to some sort of cultural commentary. Lauren Frances Moore's "Tower/Plug" is a vertical tower standing about 6 feet high. Its numerous pink-and-yellow layers comprises of narrow bands of fabric, foam and what looks like insulation material. Although the column shape obviously has an architectural quality, the many colorful bands also resemble a lofty layer cake that has even more layers than the famous dessert baked on the Chesapeake Bay's Smith Island; indeed, the white layer on top seems like icing on the cake.
this is what I found upon googling "famous dessert baked on the Chesapeake Bay's Smith Island"