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I found this book at a used bookstore a few months back - without a clue as to how good it would be. I've only read the first 60 pages, but so far it is SO GOOD. Something like philosophy, theology, creativity, and anthropology all balled up into one.... "ANDTHROPODICY by means of creativeness"
The Meaning of the Creative Act is a seminal work for Nikolas Berdyaev. It adumbrates a number of crucially important themes that he develops in his later works, notably creative freedom as an essential element of human life and human creativeness as complementary to God's creativeness. Berdyaev's aim is to sketch out an "anthropodicy," a justification of man (as opposed to a theodicy, a justification of God); man is to be justified on the basis of his creative acts, inasmuch as he is a creature who is also a co-creator in God's work of creation. This is how Berdyaev puts it: "God awaits from us a creative act."
"In essence, creativity is a way out, an exodus; it is a victory."