1/2 way to MFA

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Here are some shots from my studio post-critique. It feels good to have things cleaned up a bit. Most things are in progress... I'm waiting on some more beef intestines to come in so I can finish that sculpture a few photos down. I love how thick the beef guts are compared to the pig ones! They're also more stinky!! My final crit went pretty well... there was a lot of talk about materiality... how are my materials furthering my concepts? How can I be more intentional/deliberate about every little thing? Every material comes with its own baggage... and the thought of that can be slightly paralyzing at times. But I'm up for the challenge! 

my laboratory 

a new approach - made of chicken wire, paper mache, plaster, fiberglass insulation and resin

some new collages - much more labor intensive than the others
my office
some books I'm reading/thinking about
I'm working on a more concise artist's statement (that was actually due yesterday...) - I've got a lot I'm trying to articulate... more on that in the very near future...