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 The subject of 'teratomas' came up in conversation the other day in a discussion of my recent exhibition. I've heard about this phenomena before, and maybe it's been sitting in some hidden place in the depths of my consciousness, but I'd totally forgotten these things even existed until now. All I can say is OMGYESWOWOHYEAHHHHHALLELUJA (!!!!!!!). Just the idea of these things (philosophically) is enough to make me wet my pants, so the pictures are just icing on the cake... 

teratoma is an encapsulated tumor with tissue or organ components resembling normal derivatives of more than one germ layer. The tissues of a teratoma, although normal in themselves, may be quite different from surrounding tissues and may be highly disparate; teratomas have been reported to contain hair, teeth, bone and, very rarely, more complex organs or processes such as eyes, torsos, hands, feet, or other limbs.