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Skin is a barrier denoting interior from exterior (subject from object), yet it’s full of its own physical intricacies, hollows and bumps that muddle those very distinctions.  Just as the material of our bodies is made up of many layers, so too are the flesh's various associations. As flesh becomes a tangible metaphor, a subtle surreality manifests.

I am motivated by an existential understanding of holes, which is rooted in an ontological (and thus pre-sexual) desire to fill voids. Inverting the boundaries between what is and what is not, my work draws attention to the void of longing. The sculptural process of casting finds its significance here: the body simultaneously functions as mold and molded, container and contained, while shifts in scale work to further this ambiguity.

My approaches are varied. Ranging from crisp and elegant magazine clippings to playful assemblages of chewing gum and hot glue drippings, the work addresses the body as a site of irresistible paradox. Both the beauty store and the butcher serve up my materials of choice. In their joining, imitation intermingles with the all too real.

The result is an odd tension of visceral compulsion and grotesque desire in which the seemingly familiar is wed with the infinitely unknowable. The physical finds its parallel in the spiritual, whereby  the body functions as a microcosm, continually giving glimpses into the beyond.