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Every year at UMD, the 2nd year MFA candidates are featured in an exhibition at the university's Stamp Gallery - my classmate Lauren Shea Little and I just happen to be the only 2nd years, so lucky us - we got to fill the whole gallery with our work! And this space is only a fraction of what we will have next year for thesis! Some really neat things happened between the various works in the show - formal as well as conceptual similarities between my work and Lauren's that sort of snuck up on us both. 

Here are some images from the show...

Here's what was printed for the wall text:

Lauren Frances Moore is a 2nd year MFA candidate at the University of Maryland. In her work, the physical finds its parallel in the spiritual: the body functions as a microcosm, continually giving glimpses into the beyond. As flesh becomes a tangible metaphor, a subtle surreality manifests. Inverting the boundaries between what is and what is not, Moore draws attention to the void of longing. The result is an odd existential tension of visceral compulsion and grotesque desire in which the seemingly unfamiliar is wed with the infinitely unknowable.

This is this first time I've ever shown my 2D work and smaller sculptures. Rather than going big (like I tend to do), for this show, I really wanted to get a feel for how the smaller works would function outside of the studio. It's been making me think of display a good bit. These objects/items/creatures seem to be quite self aware - conscious of the fact that they are no longer in the studio - almost like actors in the spotlight. They have such personality, don't they? And there's something about that concept that gets me excited to make more work with that in mind. Studio leftovers collected and configured to bear new life - resurrected in a sense.