METAXU: an MFA thesis exhibition

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Opening May 1st, 5-7pm

METAXU: an MFA thesis exhibition

The University of Maryland MFA Thesis Exhibition showcases the artwork of graduating students from the Department of Art. Included in this year’s exhibition is the work of two degree candidates who present the culmination of their three years of creative research. 

The Greek word METAXU is translated as the preposition between and was used by Plato to refer to the dynamic exchange of abstract ideas and the material world. Modern and contemporary philosophers have developed this word into a theory of intermediaries. Both Lauren Frances Evans and Lauren Shea Little adopt this philosophy as a way to consider ideas of embodiment and the relationships of interlocking betweens. 

Little's current work is based on a process of recording by way of performance. Still engaged in the language of painting, these images are a continuation of Little’s investigation into self-portraiture as pre-linguistic autobiography. Her current area of research is how material embodied practices influence self-formation.

Evans’ work addresses the body as a site of irresistible paradox. Prompted by urges and the allure of origins, her work is primarily sculptural, ranging from meticulously layered collage to large mixed media structures. Inverting the boundaries between what is and what is not, the work draws attention to the void of longing. | |

May 1 through May 23, 2014
Opening Reception: May 1, 5-7pm

The Art Gallery
1202 Art-Sociology Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD, 20742

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday: 11 AM to 4 PM 
Contact: The Art Gallery: | 301-405-2763