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another painting

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I'm really excited about this painting I just finished. Justin told me I should be psyched, and well, I guess I kind of am. What's so neat to me, is that I'm starting to realize that painting actually has a place in my body of work. When I fist started this class (painting 1) I saw it more as an exercise, if not an obligation, as a studio art major. But I've learned, especially with this painting, that my body of work can be enriched by some corresponding 2-D work of this nature.

oil on canvas 1' x 4'
(click on image to look more closely)

A few posts back I showed some images of this piece in-progress. I first made a 3-D panel covered in my favorite yellow urethane foam in a can, "great stuff," then torched the edges to create a richness in color. Then I simply painted what I saw.

Here are some detail shots...

Be on the lookout... this painting will be a part of the January exhibition in the Hill Student Gallery at CofC!

a quick installation

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I recently did a quick installation with some material I salvaged from an old sculpture. It was up for just under 24 hours, but luckily survived long enough to be included in the exhibition my feminist art class put together entitled Sexpectation: An Exhibition of Third-Wave Feminist Art. As you can see my other recent piece (the pink guy, "Objectified") was part of the show as well.

Unfortunately I wasn't really able to get any good shots of the installation... but here are some that I snapped.

polyethylene landscaping fabric hardened with polyurethane, tape
appx. 6' x 16' x 6'

a painting

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For our last painting session, we had to paint an alla prima portrait. It could be of a classmate, ourselves, or we could bring in our own model... soooo I talked my man Steve into sitting for me. It was a great exercise. The quickest I've ever worked.

oil on canvas 14" x 24"


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I've been playing around with my favorite toxic pink stuff and exploring its endless possibilities. Here I have made it into a rope of sorts and covered this pedestal with it. In doing so I have objectified the pedestal by turning that which traditionally holds objects into the object itself. Not a revolutionary idea, I know. Can you tell I've been reading/thinking a lot about Minimalism?

fiberglass insulation
2' x 2' x 4'

a painting in-progress

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Have I mentioned I'm taking Painting this semester? For the first time... ever. It's been neat. Frustrating at times, but cool. It's true what they say, that painting opens your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. It's fun to see how it influences my sculpture by helping me look at materials and texture with a new set of eyes. Below are some images of a work in-progress. I'll be busting my butt all week to finish it!
great stuff (torched) on panel
oil on canvas

wall drawing

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Last week we were setting up the student gallery, and naturally, being the beginning of the semester, there wasn't much work to be seen. My professor Herb had me rework the piece I designed for Redux last winter for the space, but there were still a number of blank walls. He was explaining to my classmate, Catherine (I wish she had a website for me to link because she's doing some really great stuff), that the student gallery should be a place for us to play, to experiment... and of course that got me thinking. It's something I've been wanting to explore for a while now. A new way of working more quickly and more intuitively. I like to think it's the start of something...

The material I used is a polyethylene foam insulation. I had a roll of it hanging around the work pad all summer at Franconia, so I'm excited to finally put it to use. Cheap, clean, and easy to work with. And every bit as yummy and fleshy as the the toxic variety. Gotta love it.
Installation shot... see my Situation Ossification in the background.

the big white guy... re-vamped

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Last week I re-worked the piece I made for Redux last winter, Situation Ossification, so that it could fit into the CofC student gallery. This meant shaving off some length and width and re-shaping the contour, which proved to be a rather simple task. I worried about compromising the integrity of a site-based piece... perhaps I still do. But I'm glad it gets to have a longer life. And to reach a new audience.