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we got written up!

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Just before I left for the summer, I dropped off a piece for the 31'st Annual Montpelier Invitation Sculpture Exhibition at Montpelier Arts Center. I've yet to see the show in person, but I've heard from others that all the work looks really great in the space. There's a nice little write up in the Baltimore Sun that you can read HERE.

This is what they had to say about my piece...
Materials that have been chopped up and recombined in new ways do amount to some sort of cultural commentary. Lauren Frances Moore's "Tower/Plug" is a vertical tower standing about 6 feet high. Its numerous pink-and-yellow layers comprises of narrow bands of fabric, foam and what looks like insulation material. Although the column shape obviously has an architectural quality, the many colorful bands also resemble a lofty layer cake that has even more layers than the famous dessert baked on the Chesapeake Bay's Smith Island; indeed, the white layer on top seems like icing on the cake.
this is what I found upon googling "famous dessert baked on the Chesapeake Bay's Smith Island"

Contemporary Charleston 2011: Under the Radar

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In just one week from today I will begin installing at Charleston's City Gallery at Waterfront Park! I am one of 8 emerging artists that have been selected for the annual Contemporary Charleston exhibition. We've had to keep our lips zipped for the past few months in keeping with the show's theme, "Under the Radar," but the May issue of Charleston Magazine was released just last week with profiles of each artist, so now we can tell the world! Click HERE to see the online version of the magazine article.

The show will open on May 26th and will stay up through the end of July!

Time for me to get to work!!!!!!

the postcard show

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I will have a small piece included in the inaugural one night exhibition, Postcard Show: Wish you Were Here!, taking place at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 from 6-8 PM.

Inspired by the RCA Secret show held annually at the Royal College of Art in London, the Postcard Show is a one night exhibition of anonymously displayed 4 x 6 inch artwork. The identities of the postcard creators will only be revealed after ...a work is sold for the set price of $75. All proceeds will benefit the Skirt! Scholarship Fund at the College of Charleston.

Along with juried submissions, the Postcard Show will also feature the work of prominent members from the local art community. The invitational and juried submissions will be mixed together in the installation to keep the prices consistent and buying mysterious until the card is purchased.
Food by O-Ku! DJs Cassidy & the Kid! Champagne Bar by La Bubbly!

Tickets are $10 but included artists get in free!

BUY TIX in advance HERE:


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Tonight the dancers will be performing Darkness/Light (the dance collaboration I've been working on) at Kulture Klash! Hopefully it doesn't rain, because they will be dancing outside! Eek!

CLICK HERE to read what Charleston Scene has to say about the event.

2011 Young Contemporaries

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at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art
Opening Reception on March 31st, 5-7 pm
on view through April 26th

It's that time again! Every spring the Halsey Institute at the College of Charleston hosts the Young Contemporaries exhibition, the school's annual juried student show. The juror this year was Amy Mackie, the Director of Visual Arts at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans. She spent all day saturday digging through the 400+ submissions, and finished with a batch of 60 selected works. Two of my sculptures were chosen this year, one of which is a large site-based installation that is yet to be built. The other is a piece I did in the fall called "Objectified." It should be a really interesting show, as a lot of exciting/different work was selected this year.

For more info on how the Young Contemporaries show works...

Collaborations: a dance concert

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This weekend will be the debut of a project I've been working on for the past few months. For part of this dance performance, centered upon the theme of collaboration, I have been working collaboratively with choreographer and CofC dance faculty, Gretchen McLaine, to develop an interactive sculpture/set for her dancers. The entire set is composed of three pieces... an object on which the dancers will climb (as seen in the image above), a screen behind which the dancers will be making shadows, and an overhead piece that will be flown in (mainly for visual effect).

It's been a truly collaborative process. My design was inspired by Gretchen's concept for the piece, which we've titled Darkness/Light, as well as my own aesthetic and interest in interaction. Gretchen's choreography was built upon the elements that I designed. The choreography is also designed with costuming and lighting in mind. When all the elements come together, it is quite an incredible production. Definitely worth checking out, if I do say so myself...
If you can't make it to the show this weekend, we will be performing an excerpt at Kulture Klash on April 9th... more on that to come!

i have a REAL website

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The time has come for me to suck it up and make a big girl website. I've finally set it up! This blog has served as my website for quite some time, but now I'm in need of something a bit more professional, and organized, and easier to navigate. Now I feel like I have more freedom to use this blog more to discuss my work and where it's taking me. But for now...

check out

another grant

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My professor Jarod and I recently found out that we will be getting some more funding for our collaborative project that we began last May. We applied for another grant from our school (College of Charleston), and though we only were granted half of the funds requested ($5000) we will do what we can with the money provided! So... the bubble project continues......
CLICK HERE to learn more about our collaboration


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This coming Saturday I will be participating in Kulture Klash, Charleston's biggest and baddest alternative arts festival. I've been working around the clock in the studio, as I just found out that I was doing something a few days ago... but that won't stop me! Come and see it... it'll be hard to miss.
October 9, 2010
7 pm -2 am
10 Storehouse Row
(at the navy yard in North Charleston)
$15 in advance... $20 at the door

Franconia Sculpture Park: Artist Intern

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I've got some super neat things doing down this summer... and this is one of them!! I'll be up in Minnesota from June 15th - August 15th, living and working at the Franconia Sculpture Park. As an Intern Artist, my responsibilities will include working the grounds/park maintenance, assisting the Resident Artists with the fabrication of their work, and creating/constructing a piece of my own for inclusion in Franconia's 2010 exhibition! It's already proving to be a much bigger opportunity than I once realized.

can you find my name?!?!

coming soon!

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Get ready... next Thursday, April 1st, from 5-7 PM the 2010 Young Contemporaries exhibition opens at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. The Young Contemporaries is the College of Charleston's annual juried student exhibition, showcasing the hottest young talent the school has to offer. This year, the show has been curated by School of the Art Institute of Chicago sculpture faculty member (!!) and curator of international fame, Mary Jane Jacob.

CLICK HERE to read a preliminary write-up of the exhibition from the City Paper

Selected works were posted this afternoon, and I am lucky enough to have 2 works included in the show... one of which was a rather risky submission... a large-scale, site-specific installation. But it was chosen, hallelujah! Installation will begin this Wednesday, and I'll be working on-site for the week leading up to the opening.

Here's a sneak peak... a preliminary model... a sketch of sorts. I've since changed some things, such as the covering material. I'll post photos of final model in time...

coming soon!

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It's good to be back in Charleston, and perhaps even better to be back in the studio! I spent the first week of winter break, and will now spend the last week, putting together my most exciting, most ambitious piece yet (or so I like to think)! I am so terribly thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of Redux Contemporary Art Center's first show of the new year! 1x1 will feature works by the nine tenured faculty members of CofC's studio art department alongside with works by each professor's student of choice. I will be showing with my very cool sculpture professor, Herb Parker! Congratulations to all my talented colleagues...

Marshall Thomas
Matthew Bowers
Samantha Theall
Sarah Haynes
George Davis
Shelley Smith
Maddie Reyna
Liz Vaughn

With so many artists and so little space, we have each been given a 60" x 60" space in which to display one piece. Somehow, I've managed to bend these parameters... just slightly... ahem. So, yea, the piece I'm working on will be approximately 16' long, 5' wide, and 9' tall... but, of course, only 60" x 60" will protrude into walking space... the rest will remain above the viewer's head. I mean, "art is what you can get away with," right? Warhol wouldn't lie...

here's a little sneak peak... my maquette