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hair cuts

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Since starting to mess around with hair extensions and wigs in the studio, I've been reminded of these cut-out locks of hair stashed in my collage materials - I started cutting them out a while back, but never really found a use for them. But now it seems entirely appropriate. I like the loaded simplicity of them. 

assemblages on paper

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I'm hoping these 2.5D works might translate into some 3D (in the round) assemblages... at this point the paper is merely a ground on which the items collide. How can I better engage my surface? And if I'm not engaging it, why have one at all? These start to remind me of little critters...
polyurethane, hair, string, and pig intestines on 17" x 14" paper 
polyurethane, hair, fiberglass insulation, and pig intestines on 17" x 14" paper 
polyurethane, hair, string, and pig intestines on 17" x 14" paper