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1/2 way to MFA

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Here are some shots from my studio post-critique. It feels good to have things cleaned up a bit. Most things are in progress... I'm waiting on some more beef intestines to come in so I can finish that sculpture a few photos down. I love how thick the beef guts are compared to the pig ones! They're also more stinky!! My final crit went pretty well... there was a lot of talk about materiality... how are my materials furthering my concepts? How can I be more intentional/deliberate about every little thing? Every material comes with its own baggage... and the thought of that can be slightly paralyzing at times. But I'm up for the challenge! 

my laboratory 

a new approach - made of chicken wire, paper mache, plaster, fiberglass insulation and resin

some new collages - much more labor intensive than the others
my office
some books I'm reading/thinking about
I'm working on a more concise artist's statement (that was actually due yesterday...) - I've got a lot I'm trying to articulate... more on that in the very near future...


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Today was a great day in the studio. Uninterrupted play. The best kind of work, right?
sponge, pvc, condoms, and wasabi peas

hair, pvc, fiberglass insulation, hog intestines, cast & tinted water putty, and hot glue

This guy is getting re-vamped... it's only the beginning!

stream of consciousness

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In attempts to enliven/decorate the wall above my desk, I just spent an hour and a half in the Art Dept. office googling artists and printing photos... in a completely stream of consciousness kind of way. Some are linked formally, some conceptually, while others are completely random. Nonetheless, this is the order in which I googled...
Louise Bourgeois
Hans Bellmer
Asger Carlsen
Jake & Dinos Chapman
Spencer Tunick
Henrique Oliveira
Phillip Guston
Rachel De Joode
Jeanne Dunning
John Coplans
Mona Hatoum
Wangechi Mutu
Robert Morris
John Chamberlain
Anish Kapoor
Richard Serra
Ernesto Neto
Rachel Harrison
Franz West
Francois Boucher

studio freshness

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Last week I moved back into my super fresh, new and improved studio space. Can't believe what a difference this is from last year... and I thought I was in studio heaven THEN! Can you believe it's the same space?!

Now we're really talking. The walls are a good 2 ft. taller and the floors are all smooth. So much better all around.  Here are some snapshots of some new things I've been working on.
wire, paper, fiberglass insulation, pig intestines, polycrylic, and hair
polyurethane, hair, string, and pig intestines on paper

VSC open studios

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Double Dose - 6' x 3' x 3' - cardboard, fiberglass insulation, & pig intestines
A lot has happened in the studio since I last posted. Last night was the final open studios for the July residents here at the Vermont Studio Center. I finally finished covering this big guy with pig intestines - and boy oh boy does my studio smell RANK. blegh!! All in all though, I'm really excited about the direction my work is starting to take - I'm very much looking forward to getting back to my studio at school and cranking up the semester. I think my work is starting to become more cohesive- but not in a limiting way. The collages are helping me to more quickly work out some conceptual ideas and, as you can probably see, the forms from the collages are starting to influence my sculpture! So fun!

Filets - 9" x 12" each - collage on paper

Glory Hole - 2' x 2' - animal hair, condoms, fiberglass insulation, rubber bands, & plaster cast of my belly button

3' x 2.5' x 2' - cardboard, fiberglass insulation, pig intestines, & animal hair

VSC: week 1

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Lots of little things going on in my studio. Collages are happening- I'm shooting for 1 a day. I bought some sausage casings (aka pig intestines) and have been exploring the possibilities therein...

pig intestine and fiberglass insulation
lots of stuff (see cross-section in image below)

pig intestines and fiberglass insulation (cast from blown up condoms)
collage on paper (sorry for the terrible image quality!)
collage on paper

back to work

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I've spent the past week getting settled into my new studio space. The fire (and subsequent sprinkler downpour) claimed the bulk of my materials, so I've had to start afresh. I'm also no longer allowed to work with oil-based polyurethane, so I'm having to reassess my process a bit. Several of these cardboard pieces survived the chaos, so I decided to work with them for the time being. This installation is in the early stages of its life. There's a lot more I want to add, but it's starting to take shape.

studio update

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These past few days I've been making quite a mess in my studio. I'm happy to be working on something semi-large scale again. I think this big guy is working better than the smaller ones. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't topple over because the infrastructure is pretty shoddy. Oh well, if it does, at least I'll be following the guidance of my professors who told me to make a mess and not to be afraid of making something that falls down (they really said that!!).

 These images are of a tiny model I made with craft paper and hotglue, in the same manner I did to make the big cardboard piece. I've been thinking more and more about this green color... thinking about adding it to my palette... 

something's growing in my studio

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Final critiques are in less than a week and I'm working hard to finish this piece. It's still very much a work in progress, but I'm excited about where it's headed. I like the looks of it standing up, but I think I actually prefer it laying down... that way you can see the interior as well! hmmmmm

a little something

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This week I've been continuing some research for a project that I've been working on for the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. I've been serving as a research assistant ("Special Projects Associate" to be specific) to the Halsey's director and curator Mark Sloan for a book proposal/traveling exhibition that's in the works. The project involves the work of Mr. Don ZanFagna, a multi-talented man in his 80's currently living in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

  CLICK HERE to learn more about Mr. ZanFagna

As part of my research, I've been reading up on "Organic Architecture." I've read cover to cover Javier Senosiain's Bio-Architecture, as well as heavily skimmed several others on the subject, and I've come across some ideas and quotes that are particularly relevant in my personal studio work (which shares some aesthetic & conceptual qualities with ZanFagna's). I can't seem to get the following quote, by Frank Lloyd Wright, out of my head. It's taking me somewhere I have been headed for some time... 
Every house is a mechanical forgery of the human body... the whole inside is a sort of stomach that attempts to digest objects, objets d'art perhaps, but objects nonetheless. Here is where the feigned affliction installs itself, always hungry for more objects or plethoric because of excess. It seems like the whole life of the common house is a form of indigestion, an unhealthy body that suffers slight illnesses, that demands constant repairs and remedies to survive. It is a marvel that we, its occupants, are not driven crazy in it and with it; perhaps it is a sort of insanity we have put into it.
 I'm thinking a lot about that quote and how Wright's ideas fit into my body of work/area of interest. I'm excited about the possibilities. Oh yea, and I pulled out some materials today. I've been sitting on my hands for the past few weeks, but I think it's time to start playing around - to see some ideas come to life. The above image is the result of today's toilings.


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The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind. I drove to Atlanta and back to pick up my mom who graciously drove the 16 ft rental truck crammed with my belongings (who knew one 22 yr old could have so much stuff?!) all the way to Maryland. Steve was my slave for a few days... he packed and shoved and lifted without complaint, stopping only to go to the City Gallery to de-install my portion of the Contemporary Charleston exhibition - while I was at work, hosting a 3 yr old's ballerina birthday party on the day before the big move. We went far too many days on much too little sleep, but thankfully are still here to talk about it.

Taking things out of boxes has proven to be much less stressful (except for the few hours that I couldn't find the coffee grinder). I quickly filled my 2nd floor Silver Spring apartment with room to spare - it's much more spacious than my Race Street abode. After helping unload the rest of my belongings into my (also spacious) UMD studio, Steve headed home to Philadelphia, and after 2 days spent in the North Virginia Mountains at my Uncle Keith's, my mom and I met him there. Our parents met and Steve gave yet another magnificent tour of the city (if you're ever there, call him up!) Mom caught a plane south-bound and I hung around with the Evans' only to sleep through the next 2 afternoons - finally catching up on all the running around and lack of sleep of the previous week.

This week has been spent slowly... getting my apartment set up, little by little. I'm just now starting to learn my way around this place- this place is huge, especially compared to itty bitty Charleston, which has made for lots of wrong turns and missed exits. Yesterday I found my way to the University of Maryland campus again and organized my things in a way that makes me feel much more at home in my studio. I briefly met 2 of the new grad students, Lauren and Jason, who were also getting settled into their new spaces.

Below are 2 shots of my studio so far... much more talk is in store. I want to elaborate on my program, professors, my assistant-ship, etc. But until then...


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Just before break I did a major clean-up of my studio space. I know it still looks like a mess, but it's organized and that's what matters to me! The dust is infinite and will never go away. This space is on the mezzanine level of the CofC sculpture studio. It's technically for the advanced students to share, but I'm really the only one who ever spends any time up there. I like to think of it as my lair.

A sculpture I made in 2008 out of chair parts... the precursor to Vessel, the sculpture I made this summer at Franconia Sculpture Park

I utilize every square inch! On the right is a painting I'm hoping to finish over the holiday.