Anish Kapoor

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Anish Kapoor -  Black Stones, Human Bones

Anish Kapoor - Black Stones, Human Bones

Anish Kapoor's website is just as much of a vortex as is his sculpture. Every time I visit, I get lost in it's fullness. I love how he talks about the positive space within the void...

... There is something else that I am very interested in pursuing a little further. Something that does make me a little uncomfortable. While I affirm in-betweeness I also wish to say that there is nothing in-between about this at all. The void works are for me a poetic and spiritual concept. In-betweeness is a statement of cultural certainty and not one of cultural ambiguity. If we are to speak of void as in-between then it is not in-between two predefined cultural realities, but, in-between in the sense that it is potential, that it is becoming, that it is emerging, that it is probable, possible.

from Homi Bhaba and Anish Kapoor: A Conversation - 1st June 1993

And this essay is full of goodness - ANISH KAPOOR: Making Emptiness by Homi K. Bhabha