All creative acts can be seen as intermediary attempts to narrow the distance between the material and the immaterial. The Greek term, omphalos, literally translated as navel, refers to various symbolic centers, believed to connect the earthly and the divine. Unique as a fingerprint, the navel is the first mark that life leaves upon the body - a scar which points to our origins. Physically, the curious depression (or mound) marks our link to the past as well as our individual existence apart from it.

This simultaneity is what I’m after. Prompted by urges and the allure of origins, my creative work addresses the body as a site of irresistible paradox and continually draws attention to the void of human longing. As flesh becomes a tangible metaphor, a subtle surreality manifests, resulting in an odd tension of visceral compulsion and grotesque desire in which the seemingly familiar is wed with the infinitely unknowable.